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16 September 1973
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Emotionally warped wench who lives a life Jerry Springer is dying to get his hands on.

39 years old. Female. Queer. Kinky. Formerly polyamorous.

Canadian Ex-Pat. After three years gypsying around Europe, I moved to Australia in 2004.

I'm currently living in a beautiful bayside suburb of Brisbane, in Qld Australia, with my butch girlfriend and the mother in law from my last marriage, whom I refused to give back when the marriage ended. She live in the granny flat downstairs.

Welcome to a life of complication! The boobage, and lack of phallic appendage suggests I am female. I struggle to understand most women and identify better with the thought process of men on the whole. As a result, my friends tend to be male; or obnoxious/aggressive/straight forward women. Compulsively honest, if I care about you, but I can charm and deceive strangers without effort.

I know what I am-and what i am not-obscenely and intimately well.

I make no apologies for either.